Whitetail Land Consulting

Don Higgins has become a well-respected whitetail hunting and land management authority who regularly shares his knowledge through magazine articles, books, seminars, podcasts, and one-on-one interactions with other passionate whitetail hunters.

The choice is yours, you can fall for the gimmicks and hype that some are peddling or you can learn from someone who has actually been successful himself and has also helped others become more successful as well.

Do you want to kill the biggest buck on your property each year?

Today’s whitetail hunters have numerous consultants to choose from to help them take their property and their hunting success to new levels. However, there are some big differences between these consultants and as a potential client, you should take a close look at any that you are considering hiring.

Right from the beginning of the process, you will see that Don Higgins is different from other consultants. Don starts by looking at an aerial photo of your property and asking a few questions to get a good feel for your property and your goals for it. While many consultants’ first concern is getting you booked for their services, Don’s first focus is to make sure you are a good fit for what he offers. He wants to make sure that he can offer you something of value before agreeing to take on your project and take your money.

Don will only visit properties during a small window of opportunity in the winter and early spring months. At this time of year, the woods are open and everything is much easier to see and evaluate. He feels strongly that this is the only time of year when any consultant can really offer their clients the best service.

In a nutshell, what separates Don Higgins from other whitetail consultants is his screening of potential clients to make sure they get something of value for their money and his insistence that his visits happen during the best time of year. These things clearly prove that Don has his client’s best interest at heart. Furthermore, no consultant in business today can match Don’s track record for hunting success or the hunting success of his clients.

Don Higgins is the only whitetail consultant in business today that has killed multiple wild free-range bucks scoring more than 200” and who also has numerous clients who killed bucks scoring over 200” after his consulting visit. 

During the month of October 2021, three of Don Higgins’ consulting clients killed bucks scoring over 200”! Two other clients killed bucks scoring in the 190s and another killed a buck scoring in the 180s. All in one month!

My goal for EVERY client is that we design a plan for their property that allows them the opportunity to kill the biggest buck on their property every season and that within a few years of my visit, they kill the biggest buck of their life.

-Don Higgins

Creating great whitetail habitat and increasing the number of deer on a property is easy, anyone can do it. Designing a plan for a property that helps bucks reach older age classes and allows the landowner to kill the biggest buck on that property year after year is a whole different ballgame and is what separates Don Higgins from other whitetail consultants.

-Todd Hewing - owner of Buy-A-Farm Real Estate

Due to the ever-increasing demand for his services and so many new consultants getting into the business, Don Higgins has assembled what he feels is the best team of whitetail consultants in business today to work under his guidance.

Don has personally known each of these gentlemen for many years and selected them for this position based on two primary criteria. First and most important, he had to trust each of them without question as men of integrity. He had to know that each of them would treat every client with respect and be totally honest in all dealings. Secondly, Don had to respect them for their whitetail knowledge and success. He had to know that they could be trusted to offer sound advice to our clients.