Andy Andreas

Higgins Outdoors is always looking to expand our unequaled team of qualified experts to help the serious whitetail hunter and land manager take their success to the next level. Andy Andreas has joined our team to consult with landowners looking to develop the very best wildlife fruit orchards on their property. Don’t confuse Andy’s expertise with the other consultants on our staff. Andy is specifically here for consultations on wildlife fruit orchards, not hunting plan designs.

Andy Andreas has owned multiple apple orchards in his career, the most important of which was a property with over 200 apple varieties, located in central Ohio. It was his observations there, from what he calls the “Genetic Gold Mine”, that started his career in breeding apples. Trials were conducted here and trees were culled if they didn’t provide an excellent eating experience, high vigor, growth rates, and disease resistance under no-spray conditions. These trials finally hit the mark, with brand new apple varieties having all the desired features. Third party validation also backed up Andy’s findings. Ohio State University conducted DNA analysis, with the results showing extremely high disease resistance had indeed been bred into Andy’s selected new varieties. With his vast expertise, Andy is an accomplished and respected apple breeder, with multiple apple patents currently underway. He has made it possible for the serious land manager to now have trees with the hardiness needed to bear consistently. 

Andy’s breeding program is staggering, even by major University standards. 8,000 new fruit trees in the program will be tested, just next spring alone! The aim has always been simple; achieve the highest levels of disease resistance without compromising on fruit quality or taste. Andy has also had strict selection criteria: the trees must be proven, exhibit high levels of vigor/growth rates, and exhibit heavy annual apple bearing patterns with unprecedented disease resistance. 

If you are looking to create a wildlife fruit orchard on your property, Andy can help you avoid costly mistakes, saving you time and money.

Each consultant’s base fee can vary based on several factors such as acreage, location, etc. Be sure to ask for an exact quote when you discuss your property with the consultant. Your actual fee may be more or less than the listed base fee.


For help selecting the consultant whose strengths best fits your property and situation, please contact Don Higgins via email with a brief description of your property and goals – Don will then suggest the best one or two consultants for your property.

Base Fee: $3,000.00