G-Series No-Till Grain Drills

PH Outdoors G-SERIES no-till drill was developed with the hunter & wildlife manager in mind. The G- SERIES is a true, no-till drill that will plant a variety of seeds and blends, into the ground, even in the toughest soil conditions. The G-SERIES features tempered cutting discs, spaced at 7.5 inches apart. The discs slice into the soil, allowing the seeding mechanism to plant the seeds into the created slits, and solid, rubber packing wheels trail behind the discs to close up the soil. The G-SERIES will provide outstanding seed-to-soil contact even when cutting through standing vegetation. The infinitely variable gearbox and seed calibration system make the G-Series easy to use and extremely accurate.

G-Series Drill Pricing

Higgins Outdoors offers the following discounts to consulting clients, Master Class attendees, and Whitetail Master Academy members – 3′ G-series – $300 off,  5′ G-series – $500 off, 8′ G-series – $800 off, 10′ G-series – $1000 off

G3 No Till Drill - 3ft - $11,448

G3 Bogy Wheel kit $3,423

G3 Hydraulic Kit $2,626

Front Coulter Kit for G3 $2,024

Hopper Divider Plates Kit – G3 $250

Small Seed Box – G3 $2,302

Small Seed Box Installation $630

G5 No Till Drill - 5ft $16,982

Bogy Wheel kit $3,694

Front Coulter Kit for G5 $3,224

70 LB Weight- up to 10 max. $173

Hopper Divider Plate Kit – G5 $387

Small Seed Box $2,784

Small Seed Box Installation $630

G8 No Till Drill - 8ft. $ 21,436

G8 Bogy Wheel Kit $ 4,483

Front Coulter Kit – G8 $5,224

70 LB Weight- up to 14 max. EA. $173

Hopper Divider Plate Kit – G8 $612

Small Seed Box $4,703

Small Seed Box Installation $630

G10 No Till Drill - 10ft. - $28,848

G10 Bogy Wheel Kit TBD TBD

Front Coulter Kit for G10 $6,408

70 LB Weight- up to 22 max. EA. $173

Hopper Divider Plate Kit – G10 $754

Small Seed Box $5,262

Small Seed Box Installation $630


Front Coulter – Each $400

Hopper Divider Plates – Each $49

Seed Cover Plates – Each $14

G-Series drills purchased through Higgins Outdoors can be shipped directly to you or picked up at St Charles, MO.