Wildlife Specific Fruit Trees

Higgins Outdoors is a huge proponent of offering a diversity of food sources for the deer and other wildlife on your property. This food diversity should include both soft and hard mast trees whenever possible. With so many consulting clients and others asking our advice on a good source for these trees, we decided to include this page on our website.

Don Higgins once owned a multi-faceted tree nursery and has planted literally millions of trees from almost every major tree supplier in the country. He learned many years ago that there simply is no making up for poor stock. Starting with good nursery stock is key to having a successful tree planting and many nurseries marketing to deer hunters simply have inferior trees.

We have planted trees from Gingerich Tree Farm for many years with fantastic results. When it comes to trees specifically for wildlife, Gingerich Tree Farm has partnered with apple breeder Andy Andreas to bring some exciting new varieties to market. These trees were developed for disease resistance, proper ripening times for deer hunters and longevity. Wildlife fruit trees from Gingerich Tree Farm are not the nursery rejects or seconds sold at farm and discount stores. The quality is second to none and these trees will live for many decades, providing fruit for your great grandkids. I urge you to go to the Gingerich Tree Farm website to learn more and purchase the best fruit and wildlife trees you will ever plant.