Derek Burkholder

Don Higgins started working with Derek a few years ago as Derek was a co-founder of Tagout Technique. A habitat company that manages hunting properties for clients. Derek did the work to implement Dons plans on numerous properties in the northern Indiana and southern Michigan region. Don became impressed with Dereks attention to detail, willingness to ask questions to get things done right and his integrity. Over time it seemed that Derek knew how Don would lay out most properties before Don told him. 

Derek limits his consulting services to the northern Indiana and Southern Michigan region.

Derek grew up on a captive deer farm and has been around these animals since he was a toddler. He shot his first deer at 11 years old, a little six-point buck and since that day, his passion for deer hunting and land management runs deeper with each sunset. He attributes a lot of this passion to, as a little boy, watching his dad shoot target practice with his old bow and watching for him to return from his hunts to count his arrows to see if he was missing one or not. His face would light up when one of them had that familiar red stain on it which usually meant he could take part in the recovery. Besides operating Tag Out Technique, Derek is also Assistant Editor of Whitetail Life Magazine. 

Each consultant’s base fee can vary based on several factors such as acreage, location, etc. Be sure to ask for an exact quote when you discuss your property with the consultant. Your actual fee may be more or less than the listed base fee.

For help selecting the consultant whose strengths best fits your property and situation, please contact Don Higgins via email with a brief description of your property and goals – Don will then suggest the best one or two consultants for your property.

Base Fee: $2,500.00