Mark Luster

Mark Luster has been involved with the Whitetail industry for 15 plus years. He started filming and hunting for Drury Outdoors and later was one of the founders of the “Legends of the Fall” TV show on the Outdoor channel. Mark is excited to now be consulting with Higgins Outdoors to help landowners achieve their whitetail dreams on their own properties.

Mark has made a name for himself in the whitetail hunting community by finding and harvesting specific target deer. Mark’s ability to think like a mature whitetail and ultimately use that knowledge against him is hard to dispute! With more than 15 archery whitetails that gross Boone and Crockett, Mark’s method of approaching mature whitetail bucks and the success he has had definitely speaks for itself.

Don Higgins has known Mark for many years and claims that Mark is one of the top-5 whitetail bowhunters alive today. That is some pretty high praise! Without a doubt, Mark will put his knowledge to work to provide you with the best plan possible to help you make your property the best that it can be.

Each consultant’s base fee can vary based on several factors such as acreage, location, etc. Be sure to ask for an exact quote when you discuss your property with the consultant. Your actual fee may be more or less than the listed base fee.

For help selecting the consultant whose strengths best fits your property and situation, please contact Don Higgins via email with a brief description of your property and goals – Don will then suggest the best one or two consultants for your property.

Base Fee: $5,000