2020 Velvet Buck Review

Recently on my social media I posted a photo each day of bucks that I photographed this summer on my trail cameras. This proved to be very popular so I am going to share a little more info here about each of those bucks as well as some other photos of them. Let me start […]

Summer Management Thoughts

One of my favorite summer chores is mowing the clover firebreaks on my property. It gives me a chance to not only observe what is happening on the property but also to think about things. Yesterday while mowing this particular strip of clover a few thoughts came to mind which caused me to stop and […]

Michael Jordan’s Big Buck Tips

Like a lot of you I watched the ESPN series on Michael Jordan called The Last Dance. Being a basketball fan born the same year as MJ, I followed his career from the time he was a freshman in college. I have also closely observed other highly successful people over the years to learn what […]

The Illinois Covid-19 – CWD Connection

Let me start by asking a question – Do you think the Illinois state government has over-reacted to the current covid-19 situation? I believe most people think so. Illinois residents are facing orders that are the most restrictive of any state in the union and in many cases these orders make no sense at all. […]

2020 Antler Growth Forecast

I understand that it is way too early to make a prediction about antler growth for this season but I have made a couple of observations that I feel are worth sharing. For the record the past two summers I have shared observations/predictions that proved to be right on the money. In the summer of […]

Big Bucks are Easy!

OK, now that I got your attention with the title of this article I will confess that it is a bit misleading. Any deer hunter knows that consistently tagging giant mature bucks is a bit tougher than simply consistently killing “bucks”. On the other hand, I think a lot of folks in the hunting industry […]

Good Hunter? or Good Property?

Hunting is a unique activity as it is often done in solitude. There are no bleachers full of screaming fans watching our every move. Often it is just one person alone in a remote setting. This is actually why I love hunting. I am a loner by nature and when I am hunting I am […]

The QDM Myth

Every year I interview dozens of potential consulting clients and over time I have noticed some trends in the way typical deer hunters think. Sometimes these common thoughts are a bit misguided and can cause a deer hunter to have a mindset that holds them back from reaching higher levels of success. One of those […]

The 5 Best Whitetail States

Every fall untold thousands of deer hunters travel to other states to hunt whitetails. Why would they do this when they almost always have whitetails close to home in their own states that they could hunt much cheaper? Well the answer is very simple and plainly obvious; many deer hunters want to hunt where they […]

Are You Getting the Most from Your Hunting Property

A few decades ago the American dream was to own a home. Generations of our ancestors toiled to pay off a mortgage on a single-family dwelling sitting on a small parcel of land. If their bills were paid and they had food on the table, they considered themselves blessed … and they were! We live […]