Are You Getting the Most from Your Hunting Property

A few decades ago the American dream was to own a home. Generations of our ancestors toiled to pay off a mortgage on a single-family dwelling sitting on a small parcel of land. If their bills were paid and they had food on the table, they considered themselves blessed … and they were! We live in the greatest country that the world has ever known and barring any bad personal decisions we continue to become more prosperous with each passing generation.

For many with a passion for the outdoors, the American dream has taken on a new meaning. Today, land-ownership is a dream that many of us have actually realized. But why would anyone want to spend untold thousands, probably hundreds of thousands and maybe even millions of dollars on a tract of land just to recreate? I mean we have millions of acres of public lands at our disposal and yet each year more and more outdoors oriented people become land owners … why?

I think the answer to this question is really very simple. We can experience so much more on land that we own and totally control. Land ownership gives us the ability to undertake wildlife habitat projects and see them through, eventually reaping the rewards of more wildlife on our land. Land ownership allows us to create a family legacy that is passed from generation to generation. But as hunters, and especially whitetail hunters, land ownership allows us to take our hunting success to levels not possible on public or leased properties that we do not fully control. Like it or not, that last sentence describes the exact reason most deer hunters purchase land.

I am guessing that many of you reading this are landowners who manage your property for better deer hunting. My question to you is this; are you getting the most out of your investment? You bought your property to improve your hunting success; how is that working for you? Are you killing the biggest buck on your property every year, or at least getting the opportunity to do so? If not, why?

I have personally realized the dream of land ownership. Nearly 30 years ago my wife and I purchased my grandparents farm after their passing and soon I started working to turn it into a whitetail paradise. I made some mistakes in the early years but soon saw my errors and corrected them. For well over a decade now I have had the ability to kill any buck that spends time on my property, bar none. I don’t say this to brag, it is just a fact. If a buck shows up on my place and I decide to kill him, he is in trouble.

Can you say this same thing? Can you kill the biggest buck on your property every year? If not, maybe I can help. I have consulted with some of the biggest names in the hunting industry on their properties. No whitetail consultant in business has killed more bucks scoring over 200” and has more clients that have killed bucks scoring over 200”. My track record speaks for itself. After investing untold thousands on your hunting property, isn’t it time you got the most out of your investment?

In 2016 this buck that I called Smokey was the biggest buck on my property. I passed 5 different shooting opportunities at this buck that season, all under 25 yards and all on video; this is one of them. I found Smokeys shed antlers the next spring and scored them at 186″. The next summer his rack added 20″ and I shot him that fall. He is the buck in the photo at the top of this blog. Are you getting opportunities to shoot the biggest buck on your property every season?       

My Whitetail Master Course will take you on a tour of my own hunting property where I have tagged multiple Booners. You will see video footage of the hunts, see an aerial of the exact set-ups and then walk out to the very stands where these hunts happened. Once there I will explain how I enter each stand, why I put the stands there, how I play the wind and exactly what the bucks are doing as they pass. No other whitetail class takes you right to the very stand sites where multiple Boone & Crockett bucks have been shot. NONE! Then to take it one step further, I take the class to a second property where I have shot giant bucks and show them how that property is set up also.

Maybe you prefer a more personal one-on-one approach right where it matters most; on your own property. If that is the case my Whitetail Consulting Service is for you. I start by reviewing an aerial photo of your property and asking a series of questions. This gives me an opportunity to get a good feel for your property and your situation before ever taking a dime of your money. If I see any glaring problems we discuss them before you hire me, not after. Once you hire me I will travel to your property for a tour and then custom design a plan specific to your property. Not only will you get a copy of this plan but I also keep a copy on my computer for future reference should you have questions.

The American dream is alive and well. You are chasing it and you are living it … but have you fully realized it? If those older and bigger bucks keep giving you the slip, I can help.

My two books are available on this website and make great Christmas gifts!

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