The Illinois Covid-19 – CWD Connection

Let me start by asking a question – Do you think the Illinois state government has over-reacted to the current covid-19 situation? I believe most people think so. Illinois residents are facing orders that are the most restrictive of any state in the union and in many cases these orders make no sense at all. For example, Illinois allows liquor stores, abortion clinics and giant retail stores to remain open while shutting down churches and small businesses. Illinois has taken the most extreme position of any state on this issue and numerous details of the Illinois approach make absolutely no sense at all.

My personal opinion is that covid-19 is a “political disease” used by far-left politicians to advance their agenda. The “cure” is certainly worse than the illness for 99.99% of Americans. The scare-data that we were being fed when covid-19 first hit just never materialized and with each passing day more and more people realize that we were duped. I am going to stop here without going into the politics of covid-19 any further but suffice it to say that we have faced multiple other health issues that were far worse than covid-19 without any interaction from our government to curtail our freedoms.

So let’s look at another disease that affects whitetail deer, CWD, and take a look at some similarities. CWD is a disease spread by prions and to my knowledge has no relationship with covid-19, a virus. However when one looks at how various states have addressed CWD, Illinois has once again taken the most extreme and radical approach just as with covid-19. No other state has approached CWD with measures as extreme as those taken by Illinois and just as with covid-19 many of those measures make absolutely no sense at all.

Management of CWD in Illinois includes the absurd approach of exterminating every last deer living within a 2 mile radius of a location where a deer is found to have CWD. This extermination takes place within these numerous locations for a period of 5 years at tax-payer expense. This is largely done after dark with sharp-shooters using high-powered rifles shooting deer over piles of bait. What makes this policy so ridiculous is that the same “experts” promoting this extermination plan agree that the CWD prion can live in the soil for decades and the fact that deer will routinely move over areas much larger than 2 miles. These tax-payer funded 5-year kill fests are nothing more than a feel-good regulation and an opportunity to employ more state workers. So what happens at the end of 5 years? And will we eventually be exterminating deer across the entire state? This approach makes no more sense than telling a citizen that they can go to Wal-Mart but they cannot go to church or they can go kill their baby but they cannot get a haircut. This is but one example of Illinois absurd approach to managing CWD.

The government over-reach exposed by covid-19 is really nothing new in Illinois. Covid-19 has just help expose the lunacy of Illinois politics to the world. Illinois citizens are the most over-taxed and over-regulated of any state. Not surprisingly, Illinois is also losing population faster than any other state as its citizens flee to states governed by freedom loving Americans.

If you don’t like the loss of freedoms brought on by your government, you better do something about it sooner rather than later. We are past the point of worrying about “our kids future” and instead are dealing with our own future! This November is your opportunity to remove a lot of corrupt anti-American freedom-hating politicians. I recently heard a couple of figures that bother me; more than 50% of Christians and more than 50% of outdoors enthusiasts do not vote. This is unacceptable! All that is required for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. We are seeing that firsthand. Make sure that you get to the voting booth on November 3 and be sure to take every eligible voter in your family with you. Communism sold to the gullible as socialism is knocking at the door.

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