Chasing the Whitetail Dream

Have you ever wondered what it takes to consistently kill mature whitetail bucks? Lots of hunters kill really great bucks each hunting season but the hunters that do it year after year on bucks that are truly mature (5 ½ or older) are very rare.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to build a new company within the hunting industry and make it successful? This is the dream of thousands of deer hunters yet it is a path that only a few travel down. Even fewer make it to the point where they can rely solely on the outdoor company they built to fully support them and their family.

This is the very first installment of my new blog, Chasin the Whitetail Dream. Follow along in 2016 as I share the day to day activities that lead to mature whitetail bucks falling to my arrows each season as well as the efforts my business partner Kevin Boyer and I put forth to build Real World Wildlife Products into a thriving company big enough to support two families.

My blog entries will not be daily but they will be regular and will explain what I am doing during the course of an entire year to create my own success as a whitetail hunter and as a outdoor business owner. If you want to consistently kill giant whitetails or build a successful outdoor business, there is no down-time and no off-season. Hopefully the tips, lessons and experiences that I share will help you take your hunting success to new heights and make your whitetail dreams come true. God Bless

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