“I hired Don to come out late last winter to help me lay out a plan for our property. I did a lot of research on land consultants and I felt Don was the best fit for our needs. We are in West Central Wisconsin and have hilly ridgetops with bottom land ag fields. I was getting a lot of night pictures of great bucks feeding on our property but no day time sightings. We both knew we needed more bedding cover on the property but how and where was the best place to put it? With a small property I know if you make a mistake you may wish you had spent the money on a good consultant. Don designed a plan that included tall grasses added for cover, TSI projects as well as identifying a sanctuary and feeding areas. The plan Don designed will take me several years to fully complete but even with the initial work done the first year I could see tangible results. Once I understood the principle of Dons plan and started implementing it we really saw an almost immediate improvement on mature buck sightings. I recommend Don to anyone in the Midwest looking to improve the deer hunting and habitat on their land. He was fair, honest and a trustworthy Christian man who I think does a great job. One more thing about Don is that we continue to correspond with each other even after the job was completed. He always has time to answer a question or reply to comments. Attached is a photo of a great buck that is now staying on the property. I cant wait for this coming bow season!”

DJ Leemon  Osseo, Wisconsin


“My only regret is not hiring Don 10 years sooner”

Mark – Illinois


Don Higgins knows his stuff. The deer population on my 80 acres has probably doubled since the implementation of the Higgins Habitat Plan went into effect.  Trees, hinge cutting, food plots, bedding areas and service on the account after the fact have all contributed to our success. No big buck on the wall yet, but trail cams are providing a running history of what’s coming. The turkey population is showing genuine improvement too. Thanks, Don, for your thought and your hard work.

Randy Van Fossan – Illinois


With having 20,000 acres to manage, it was a blessing to have Don come in and walk farms with me.  Don helped me planning food plots,  hinge cuts for bedding areas and plans for myself and clients to hunt these properties.  His help paid off for my clients as well as for me to harvest a nice 174″ buck in 2016. I will definitely be using his services in my future endeavors.

Shayne Livvix , Owner  –  Blizzard Ridge Bucks Outfitters


I contracted Don to improve the deer herd and quality on my Missouri farm. I bought the farm just over a year ago in the fall of 2015. I knew the farm had the potential of producing quality bucks (150 inch and up range) as mygame camera would later prove. The issue was the lack of deer on my 190 acre parcel during legal shooting light. I would sit for days and not see really anything but my cameras would light up after dark. I’ve never experiencedanything like it in the almost 20 years in the stand. I realize deer are nocturnal but this was ridiculous. I was really nervous that I had made a bad investment. After some fairly extensive research I found Don.  From the start I knew that this guy was the real deal. He formulated a detailed plan that I followed to the letter, everything from logging, Food plots , types of food to be planted and for which season. He also laid out the shapes of the plots, blind and tree stand placement ect. He even dropped what he was doing with little notice and drove 4 plus hours out to the farm so we could get a special grass planted that was critical to our plan.  I am happy to report that the deer on my farm are thriving in the sunlight! Each month of the season got better and better. I was seeing 15 to 30 deer per sit with each one getting better. It was crazy how the deer would file out from the areas Don and I had designated as a sanctuary and pile into my food plots.  It was unreal and I wouldn’t have thought it was possible in that short amount of time. We still have some work to do but I cannot wait to see what next year is like. Don is as advertised a Trophy Whitetail Expert that I have come to know as an advisor and friend.

Jason Reese – Missouri


During the spring of 2006 I hired Don Higgins to plant several thousand trees on our Indiana farm. The project seemed enormous to me, but Don showed up with enough man power and equipment to knock it out in just a few days. He did exactly as he promised and was very reasonably priced.Today the tree planting is providing great cover for the deer and adds a completely new dimension to the farm! So if you are thinking of making a real difference to your farm as far as habitat goes, I’d highly recommend hiring Don to take care of the work! Don is as genuine of a guy as you’ll meet and has the knowledge to cover whatever project he is hired to tackle!

Jamie Eisenhut – Indiana


Over the course of the last 20 years or so I have had many projects that Don and his crew have completed for my clients, my family and myself. Whether it’s been taking a look at a property for suggested habitat changes or the 1,000’s of acres of CRP plantings Higgins Outdoors has completed for us, the experience has always been excellent. These projects have varied in size; some have been in the 100’s of thousands of dollars range while others were maybe a few hundred dollars. All were handled professionally and with the personal touch Don is so good at. I do not have time to worry about whether or not a project is right or not and that’s why I put the work in Don’s hands and go about my other business with confidence the job will be done right!

One other thing I want to mention, things don’t always go as planned, situations change, and mother nature deals out harsh lessons from time to time… that said, Don Higgins has always made things right and adjusted to my benefit if needed.

Todd Hewing, Co-owner – Buy-A-Farm Land & Auction Company   217-663-8087


Don Higgins spoke to our Northwoods Outdoors grouping in August 2014. He is a fantastic speaker, that is down to earth, knowledgeable and personable. Don is very approachable, he took time to answer all questions, whether from stage or in person. I find Don to be a great guy and recommend him highly.”

Dave Prygon – Northwoods Church  Galesburg, Illinois


Don came to Michigan as a guest speaker at our QDMA spring event where he shared his knowledge and experience about whitetail habitat and hunting mature deer.  The event was held a local QDMA co-op property and Don even led us on a property tour and shared his ideas on how he would set the property up. Our branch members all agreed that Don is one of the most honest and knowledgeable people in the whitetail world. He even brought some trees and seed that was a big hit with everyone in attendance. We would highly recommend that if you haven’t heard Don Higgins speak at an event that you take the opportunity to do so.

Tom Stafford – President South Central Michigan QDMA