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 This 174-acre property is at the end of a dead-end road and is absolutely overrun with deer and turkeys! During the fall of 2023, I had 12 cell cameras scattered over various properties in 3 states, with only one of those cameras being on this property. That one camera got more photos day after day than the other 11 cameras combined! On top of that, there were some really nice bucks, including one with at least 15 points that I think has the potential to reach 200″ in another year or two. To the best of my knowledge, that buck is still alive as are all of the better bucks we have photos of on this tract. We have hunted the property very lightly for the last two seasons, and not a single deer or turkey has been harvested from it. It has been managed as if we were going to keep it forever. This property is absolutely primed for the new owner to come in and start harvesting game.
Our projects on this property were extensive. We started by clearing two large food plots and harvesting some mature timber to create better bedding cover and browse. We improved an old logging road for better access to the back food plot and far reaches of the property. We installed two 360 hunting blinds, one on each plot as well as a large capacity feeder at each plot to help draw deer to those exact locations. If my life depended on me shooting a deer or turkey before sunset today, I would go hunt from either of these blinds and get the job done! Don Higgins

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