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Hunting Trophy Whitetails in the Real World 
Hunting Trophy Whitetails in the Real World

Price: $24.99


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This original classic by Don Higgins sold out of its first printing in less than a year and proclaimed by many as the best whitetail hunting book they ever read. Don details the lessons he has learned from a lifetime of hunting mature whitetail bucks in the "real world". What is the "real world", you ask? Simply put, the real world is where most of us hunt. It is not the staged and phony hunts that we often see on TV or on videos which often take place behind high fences or on guided and outfitted hunts. In the “real world”, everyday hunters pursue wild and hunter-wise bucks while dealing with the competition from other hunters. This is exactly the kind of whitetail hunting that Don has mastered over the past three decades.

While his whitetail hunting success and exposure as an outdoor writer has set him apart from the crowd, Don remains humble and down to earth, considering himself just another deer hunter that reaps rewards reflective of the effort that he puts forth. He much prefers to be known for his strong hunting ethics, respect for the whitetail deer, and for giving back to the sport of bow hunting than for killing monster bucks. Even so, his track record cannot be denied. In this book, Don does not seek to make himself out as a hero or expert. Instead he shares the lessons learned from passionately pursuing mature whitetail bucks in places similar to those where other real world deer hunters also hunt.  Hunting Trophy Whitetails in the Real World is more than a how-to book however. It also includes stories of successful big buck hunts and the lessons they taught, as well as opinions and advice on various topics related to deer hunting. Don never learned the meaning of "politically correct" and instead simply tells it like it is and lets the chips fall where they may. Included in the 20 chapters and over 200 pages are the following subjects:

  • Patterning Bucks - Is it possible?
  • Sanctuaries - Every mature buck has at least one.
  • Early Season Bucks - Don't overlook this period.
  • Hunting the Rut - Don't get caught up in hunting sign.
  • Late Season Hunting - Nothing fancy, just persistence.
  • Treestand Tactics – proven ideas.
  • Mornings or Evenings - Which is best?
  • Is There Really a Second Rut? - Don't be misled.
  • Deer Hunting Ethics - An all too often avoided subject.
  • Foodplots and Land Management - Advice garnered from experience.
  • Deer Huntings Future - Are we headed in the right direction?
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